Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Night Ride

I have been off the bike for a week and a half due to Summer Camp and life. I get in over 160 miles a week on the bike by riding four times a week during cycling season. Every Sunday I ride over to the Bikes Inc. in Arlington to do the group ride. This time of year it is at 5:15 pm. It used to be my recovery ride of the week, but it has evolved to a hammerfest the past few years. (hammerfest -- A brutally fast ride). The attendance of the ride has dwindled because of this change, tonight there were 8 of us at the start. Although being on the bike was what I wanted to be doing, it became clear to me very early that my legs and lungs were not prepared to hammer. About 15 miles in, I concluded that I needed to head to the house, plus my cycling computer showed that the temperature was in excess of a 100 degrees. I informed my cycling buddy Don that I was heading home and he volunteered to finish the ride at my pace.

We watched the group ride away and had a very nice Sunday conversation paced ride. There are times when you just need to enjoy the bike. Tonight was just one of those nights. Thanks Don.

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