Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office

I seldom post about work due to the fact I work for elected officials, in addition; making sure a law office has enough toner really is not that exciting.

I have had the privilege and honor to work for Tim Curry and Joe Shannon, Jr. as the Business Manager of the Criminal District Attorney for the past nine years. There have only been four District Attorneys in my life time and I got to work for two of them. To be part of the transition that brought Mr. Shannon as the District Attorney was a privilege. This transition had not happened in Tarrant County in over thirty-six years.

I have made a rare move within Tarrant County that the District Attorney’s Office believed merited a send off after nine years of service. Although more of a roast, it was quite flattering and humbling.

The above picture will be framed as part of my work history. From left to right, Bill Waybourn, Police Chief of Dalworthington Gardens; ADA Jack Strickland, started his career with T. Cullen Davis Trial; Judge Robb Catalano, a former ADA and one of my new bosses; Me; Joe Shannon, Jr., The District Attorney; and Melinda Westmoreland, an ADA, MC of the Roast and a cycling buddy.

Without the experienced I gained working at the District Attorney's Office, my new opportunity would not have been available.  I will always be grateful.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weight Loss Continues

I continue to set intermediate goals to make my progress towards my ideal weight by my birthday. One of those was to be below 220 by April 1. I set this goal with the thought it was at the beginning of cycling season. After a hard summer of riding, I get down to about 230 to 225, so I figure if I could start the season at 220 or less, I could really knock off the weight in the spring and the summer.

I accomplished that goal. My next goal is to be below 200 pounds. The carrot I have in front of me is that I will purchase a new bike frame. To keep that in clear focus, the down payment for a Specialized Tarmac has been made.  Even in my hard riding days of my early 30s, I barly got below 200 pounds, This carrot better work

Monday, April 4, 2011

Catchin Up

Life has been tremendously busy.   My lack of blog posts are directly proportional to how busy my professional and personal life get.   March was a very crazy time for me.  I have changed jobs, which I hope to post about, and my parents came to visit.  Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get caught back up.