Saturday, July 18, 2015

Little Troop 5

Little Troop 5 had an excellent summer camp.  As we were leaving the camp, a boy from another troop hollered at us that he wished he was in such a "hardcore" troop.   Truth be told, I think he was trying to insult us, but in Troop 5 fashion, we took it as a complement.


This was Gene's first summer camp.  However, we would not have even gone to Summer Camp this year.  Gene did all the logistics to make sure that this trip would actually happen.  I do not think the Troop can comprehend how smoothly this trip went because of his effort.  Gene doted every "I" and crossed every "T" so that the Scoutmaster could focus on the Troop and not the trip.

He made every effort to fill in Dave's propensity for naps during camp, but kept getting drug back into helping me with the Troop.


Brian now is a two summer camp Troop 5 adult leader.  He enjoyed this summer differently.  One would think it was the weather, but the truth is; last year he did nothing but camp projects at Worth Ranch all week.  He did find himself going to Alamogordo twice and working at the rifle range for half a day this year.   Apparently he went to that Woodbadge that Horse was explaining to me and they spent the week exchanging secret handshakes.


Scotty now has one Troop 5 summer camp under his belt.  I am sure I can convince him go to to Worth Ranch next summer.  Scotty can strike up conversation with anyone.   Word on the street is that he was almost elected Mayor of Cloudcroft while he was in town doing laundry.  Scotty has a good pulse on the moral of the boys.  This has become a very useful asset to the Scoutmaster.


Kirk is now a two summer camp veteran.  He went to Worth Ranch last summer and now he ventured to the mountains of New Mexico.   Kirk had the lucky duty of being one of the van drivers.  Not only did he have to listen to the boys as we rolled down the road; he also had to hear all my scouting stories.  We worked together to visualize the movies playing behind our head.   Kirk is a much better photographer than I am and odds are; the better pictures on the blog came from him.


Mark took his first trip with Troop 5 to summer camp.  I assured Mark that the weather at this camp is just like all the other places we go; so he has committed to go to Worth Ranch next year.  As everyone knows; anyone who can tow the troop trailer is welcomed to come to camp.

Dinner tonight

We had a wonderful local Mexican dinner tonight in Colorado City.

More Wildlife

We were greeted by a Texas Grey fox pup at camp tonight.

Lake Colorodo City State Park

Much different that the last week.


Garrett, last, but for sure not least; is another one of our second year campers.   He had a fantastic summer camp.   One of the neat things about scouting is that it give you difficult hurdles that you can over come.  One such hurdle for Garrett this week was the climbing merit badge..  After the troop climb on Monday; Garrett had some self doubt on his ability to complete the merit badge. I got to witness Garrett overcome his doubt and climb the 35 foot climbing tower three times.   Garrett came a long way this week; after coming a long way from last year.

Here he is last year.


Ryan is our true first year camper.  He has been active in the troop this spring and headed to summer camp.  Ryan had an awesome summer camper.  He spent a night on the mountain and did a five mile hike.   He got fully engrossed in the ways of Troop 5.   A scout's long term success is Scouting is often determined by how much fun he has at his first year at summer camp.  Based on my chats with Ryan during the week; he is going to be a successful scout.


Nick is at his second summer camp.  I know I have said it before, but it is enjoyable to watch how much more in tune a scout is at his second summer camp; and Nick was no exception.  Nick also spent this trip as the Troop Quartermaster.  It is normally a difficult job, but a week of summer camp sandwiched in between two other campsites.  Nick has had to make sure the trailer is loaded three times so far and one more time tomorrow morning.   I fear after his time in horsemanship, he will somehow find a way to load a horse in the trailer.

Here is Nick's picture from last year.


Zyon is a another first year summer camper, but has been in the troop for about 18 months.  We have come to know that Zyon loves to fish; as the summer camp blog shows.  He is destined to be some kind of outdoor person.  He did archery, rifle, and fishing.  To top it all off he even got Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge.


Jake is another one of our first year campers.  Jake embraced summer camp with full scout spirit.  He even got Environmental Science Merit Badge while he was a camp.  The camp does not have the first year over nighter, but Jake went out on the Wilderness Survival over nighter; which is even more of a challenge.   We could all use a dose of Jake's optimism.


Andrew is a first year summer camper; although he has been in the troop for 18 months or so.  We had a scoutmaster conference for First Class at camp.  He spent much of his time in handy crafts; while working on some Eagle required merit badges; such as First Aid.  Regardless of the situation, it always seems that Andrew has a smile on his face.


Quincy is a third year camper.  He used this summer camp to chase summer camp only merit badges like Climbing and Horsemanship.  Quincy has yet to run into someone that is not his friend.  The skit was very important to him.  He gathered the boys together and in his own words "spitball ideas" of for the skit.

Here is a picture of Quincy from last year.


We are back in Texas


Luke did an excellent job as Senior Patrol Leader at camp.  As I told him on our hike out of camp, I tend to treat all my SPLs as if they are sixteen years old.  I often forget that Luke is only 12 and at his second summer camp.   He responds well to me pushing him to lead the Troop.  I also add that the boys respond very well to him.   He also has added some blood stains to the SPL neckerchief.

Here is picture of Luke from last year's blog.

Artesia, NM

We have stopped for lunch at the Pizza Hut in Artesia, NM.  The manager greeted us at the door and quickly figured out how the troop can get the most pizza for the least amount of money


Logan is now completed his four summer camp, including Aquatics School.  Logan has transformed into a Troop 5 older boy this week.  He quickly guides the younger boys through Mr. Shugart logic.  His best line of the week is "If Mr. Shugart is asking a question that he clearly knows the answer too, then we are missing something very obvious"

One of the joys of the blog as you can go back and see how the boys have grown.  Here is a picture from last year's blog on Logan.

Trip to the Hospital

Earlier in the week, a scout troop needed another adult to ride to the hospital that is ninety miles away so that they had two deep leadership, so we sent Brian.  So when Luke got a bloody nose last night that would never stop, we knew Brian knew the route.   Although Mr. Thomas is not an attorney, he chased three different ambulances in the rent van on the way to the Almmogordo; figuring that Brian and Luke did not want to walk back.  Being in such a rual area, it was required to do the transfers so that the very few first responders in rual New Mexico could stay in their respective districts.

They returned at 1pm last night, reporting that all was well.  They also reported that the wildlife on the road added to the excitement of the trip.   They scattered a herd of elk in camp upon their return.

Closing Campfire

The boys did an excellent job at their skit.  In addition, they rewarded three camp staffers with a Troop 5 summer camp T-shirt.  All three staffers made a point to come by and thank the adults in addition to the boys.  One of them bought "slushees" for the whole troop to thank them.

Eating the fish

Once you cook it, you need to eat it.

Small World

I was visiting with Scoutmaster from Troop 65 out of El Paso.  He is retired military and he used to take his boys to Camp Freedom in Germany where I worked.  He remember the camp staffer from 1982-1984, but noted staffer and he as much younger then.

Cleaning, Preparing and Cooking Fish

At some point, after catching fish; you need to prepare them to eat.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Mr. Stult's tying class

Most of the boys will come home with a branded mug.  Mr. Stult's told has held many rope braiding classes.

Qulifying on the Range

Friday is spent at camp wrapping up merit badges.   Much of that is qualifying at shotgun, rifle and archery.  Boys are doing real well.

Don't go in there

I have been impressed how the boys have avoided this attractive nuance.

Totin Chip Failure

At mountain man they threw hatchets.  Not sure how that fits in the guide to safe scouting.

Monkey Bridge

This morning Quincy and Logon help set up the monkey bridge in the Scout Craft area.  We are halfway done.  Hopefully we will get the pictures up of the completed bridge.