Saturday, July 18, 2015

Trip to the Hospital

Earlier in the week, a scout troop needed another adult to ride to the hospital that is ninety miles away so that they had two deep leadership, so we sent Brian.  So when Luke got a bloody nose last night that would never stop, we knew Brian knew the route.   Although Mr. Thomas is not an attorney, he chased three different ambulances in the rent van on the way to the Almmogordo; figuring that Brian and Luke did not want to walk back.  Being in such a rual area, it was required to do the transfers so that the very few first responders in rual New Mexico could stay in their respective districts.

They returned at 1pm last night, reporting that all was well.  They also reported that the wildlife on the road added to the excitement of the trip.   They scattered a herd of elk in camp upon their return.

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