Thursday, September 30, 2010

Joshua Munguia

This past Tuesday night, Little Troop 5 has another Eagle Scout. Josh Munguia became the 21st Eagle Scout in Troop 5 history and my 16th as Scoutmaster.

Josh crossed over into the Troop in 2003. In fine Troop 5 tradition, Josh was a screaming Eagle, just under the wire before his 18th Birthday. Nonetheless, he pulled it off.

I have always enjoyed camping with Josh. He always understood his role as a leader in the troop. As with most of my scouts, we butted heads, but I will say that Josh was less so.

I have told this story many times, but will put it in my blog for prosperity. Josh was my 2008 crew chief at Philmont. For those that don’t know, Philmont is a 10 day high adventure backpacking trip in the mountains of New Mexico. Little Troop 5 took 3 adults and 8 boys in 2008. Josh’s role was to be our leader. The adult’s role is health and safety. As the trek moves on, the boy leadership becomes more important because the adults are physically tired. A good crew chief determines the true success of the trip.

I was real stressed bout this the 2008 trek. The crew of boys was probably the best physically gifted group I had ever taken, but they never seemed to mold into the “Philmont Team” I come to expect. Once we started on our way to Philmont, Josh took the lead. It was awesome.

I will save the Phillips Mountain story for a another time, were he really showed hit a home run, but what I truly remember about Josh and the trip was walking back to the bus after we turned all our gear into the quartermaster.
I had such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction on how well the trip went. I turned to Josh and asked him “That was awesome, are your feet even touching the ground”. Josh answered with a huge smile on his face. “NO”.

Congratulations Josh! You are a well deserving Eagle Scout.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Frustrating Loss

My Texas Tech Red Raiders have only beaten the Longhorns 15 times losing the other 44 times. Lucky for me, I’ve been a Red Raider for 9 of those wins. But I digress.

The lost this year was frustrating. It is not that I expect to beat Texas every time we line up, I do not. I understand they have the best facilities, the best recruiting classes, and tons more money than my University. It is what makes it so much sweeter when the Raiders win. The point is that there are few opportunities, when the stars align correctly, that Tech has a legitimate shot at beating Texas. September 18, 2010 was one of those times.

I anticipate the Red Raiders will not be stuck on 15 forever, but at least another year.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dang Muse

The muse really did not leave me after Texas Tech's loss to Texas this past weekend.  What really happended is that I had to much to write.  I informed one of my high school friends that went to Texas that I would save my rant for my blog.   So its coming sometime.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Spanky's Fried Cheese

Football Season is here! Jeff Bennett and I went up for the first Red Raider home game this past Sunday. (for those keeping track, Jeff is the committee chair of little Troop 5) The Raiders played on Sunday so they would be the only game on TV. They played well for two middle quarters. The struggles in the first and fourth quarters caused the game to be a tad closer than Red Raider Nation wanted, but they got a win.
What is really important about the trip was my visit to Spanky’s Sandwich Shop. I have been going to Spanky’s since 1984. At the time, it was just a one story dive the size of my office. It has grown to be a two story restaurant with a heck of a patio.

I explained to the SMU fans that were in line with us, the reason you come to Spanky’s is for the fried cheese. I have search all over the world since 1984 to find better fried cheese and I have not. Bobby V’s in Arlington is a close second, but not quite there. The Red Raider family in front of us chimed into the conversation chimed in to second my food review.

So I got a Tech victory and some awesome fried cheese. Life is good to me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I started training to run the Dallas Whiterock half marathon in December yesterday. It will be my third time running it.

I am continually amazed how my body reacts to running again. It has been since March since I ran. I only did 3 miles at lunch yesterday. My body is more sore from that run than it was from the 100 miles I rode on Saturday.