Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Camp Blog Done

It was fun yet again to do the Summer Camp Blog.  I am sure I missed quite a few things.  I wish I had the time to tie this years blog to previous blogs.    It is cool to watch the boys grow up over the years.

Summer Camp 2009

Summer Camp 2010

Summer Camp 2011

Summer Camp 2012

Summer Camp 2013 (Dave picked up my slack since I could not stay all week)

I had a helper when I was unloading my stuff from the bus as we played the soundtrack to Frozen.

Thanks Christian

We did not get to work in an SPL election at camp.  So Max is in holdover status until the Troop can organize one.

At Camp, Christian stepped up and did an excellent job of being Camp SPL.    Many thanks!


What really needs to be added?  We were headed home.

It's Just Paper Work

All the boys hard work at Camp in enclosed in this envelop.   I did not lose it.
Zack's Artwork


Ironically, I have very few pictures of Zack at Camp.  I had to borrow this one from Dave's blog for this post.

I wrote a good piece on him back when we were at Worth in 2011.   Since then, he has successfully graduated from UTA and is pursuing becoming a Teacher.  I wager if he follows this path he will end up being a principal.

Worth Ranch has infected his blood stream and its his home.  This shows in the program he gets delivered and the scouts from Troop 5 that follow his footsteps.   Since we Took over his office, I had the opportunity to hear a Scoutmaster from Houston explain that his Troop experience with staff is "Hands down the best he had ever dealt with"



Evan got highlighted during the Softball Game.  Evan was originally an extended member of Troop 5 when he lived in Flower Mound.   We chartered him as an ASM when he went to TCU.   This fall he will be teaching at Arlington High School, so we hope to see him at a few more meetings.

Our Boy Camp Staff

Just a last look at our boys working staff as we headed out on Saturday
August running food down to the troop he is guiding

James checking us out of our campsite

Max and Drew in the Parking lot

Alex in regalia after doing a Call Out Saturday Morning.

Kim Anderson

Kim is the Scoutmaster of Troop 120.  I have known Kim since I wandered back into Scouting in 1997.   We have always had mutual respect for each other, have argued like brothers at times, but have a very cool trusting friendship.    He still owes me for a mobile telephone prank I pulled on him in 2002 when he was an Order of Arrow Adviser.  Over the years he has mentored and challenged the boys of Troop 5 to be better leaders in the OA lodge.

Troop 120 will be camping with the Troop at Broken Boy in August.  For those that know me as Scoutmaster, know that I am very protective of the Little Troop 5 boy lead program.    Looking forward to 120 camping with us.

Packing up Camp

Boys did an excellent job of packing up camp.  The traffic jam posted earlier caused us a delay to get out on Saturday.


Many thanks to Amy for coming out on Thursday and providing Adult Coverage for Little Troop 5.  Amy camps with the troop often, but I really think she came out to check on James.  

Worth Ranch Brand

Many of the boys will come home with the Worth Ranch Brand on their Hat, belt, or anything they can find to put it on.  

The closing of the campfire highlights how the brand burns into each boys spirit to carry them until the next time they arrive at the Big Adventure.

Closing Campfire

The Closing Campfire is an awards campfire.  The Staff have a chance to recognize the boys that did exceptionally well and the Troops have an opportunity to recognize the Staff they appreciated.  Jakob and Logan were recognized by the Staff at the Campfire.

Little Troop 5 tradition is present staff the Summer Camp T-shirt.  All Troop 5 Camp Staffers get one, our Troop guide (Luke as seen earlier), and some special staffers.   (Dana the Camp Nurse, Donnie the Camp Commissioner, and James our Commissioner)


I would be remiss if I did not include a post about Brian.  Brian is one of our first year camping Assistant Scoutmasters.  He quickly got immersed into what is Troop 5 at Worth Ranch.  Besides the normal boy herding duties that comes with being an Adult at Camp, he also got pulled into many Worth Ranch projects. He moved camp stuff around, installed two rustic looking video screens in Duncan Dining Hall (With Zack and Aric), and completed some Scoutmaster training.  In the end, he bought the signature tall scout socks seen at Worth Ranch on his way out the door.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Traffic Jam

We got stuck behind a traffic jam getting  out of camp.  222's trailer our of Fort Hood fell off its truc.k

Friday, June 20, 2014


More to come later.  A great week of Scouting.

Little Troop 5

The Worth Ranch Crew!

Last Flag.

Boys bring down the flags for the last time.  It is always satisfying to watch them improve during the week.

Swimming Pool

Rumor was true.  Great place to be in a hot afternoon.

Small Boat Sailing

I successful got a picture of Jakob in the Sail Boat.  Sailing is questionable. 

Last Day of Hammer

You can see the joy on their faces on the last day in Hammer Patrol.  Rumor is they are  now in the pool.  Hopefully I will get some pictures of the boys splashing in the pool shortly.

Nature Again

I wandered down to Bottoms to see where the enthusiasm level on the last day.  So far so good in the Nature Area.

James Goreham

James is Troop 5's unit commissioner and a volunteer commissioner at Camp this week.  James is the first Troop 5 unit commissioner that ever came by a meeting since I became Scoutmaster in 2001 and that was in 2011.  The role of the Commissioner is to check on the health of the troop and see if we need any assistance.  He does an excellent job of keeping us informed of district and council events, due to Troop 5's sporadic attendance to district round tables.

He is yet another extend Troop 5 family member.


I will be probably blogging to catch up on Scout Camp for a couple of weeks after we leave tomorrow.  I need to answer the question someone asked me at work a few weeks back of why I like Scout Camp so much.  Back in 2009 I answered why I am still in scouting.  I need to answer the next question.

Camp Flag Ceremony

One thing I am disappointed about camp this week is we could not get on the schedule for a camp wide flag ceremony.   They are always a good experience for the boys and the way scoutmaster's show off thier troop.


Jakob is the other older boy who has been providing fine leadership in Camp.  He has been backing up Christian, plus had to act as SPL when Christian had to go take care of some family business.  The tandem of Jakob and Christian has set an excellent example to the rest of the troop.


Christian has been doing an fabulous job as Senior Patrol Leader this week.  We are a little scout troop and because of this we really give the reins of leadership to the boys.   As the Scoutmaster and the other leaders can attest, a strong SPL makes summer camp easier.

More Sking

Brian figured out how to do the Action shot on his phone.