Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Clothes Washing Adventure

The adult leaders gather the Summer Camp Class Bs to get them washed prior to a later wear in the week.   It is usually a quick trip into town to the washateria and maybe a run into a store to pick up something the Troop may need.

Being the kind Scout Troop that we are, we offered to Zack if the Camp needed anything.  The next thing you know we are heading to Home Depot in Weatherford for a grill to be used for the Scoutmaster dinner tonight. 

 I dropped Brian Stults at Weatherford West Washiteria.  A very happening place on a Tuesday morning in Weatherford.  I headed off to Home Depot in Aric Justice’s very manly Ford 250 Diesel 4x4 Pick up truck to get the 70-pound grill.

Once there, I got a phone call and had more items added to the order for the camp needs.  So as I wandered around Home Depot, I was lamenting that I left the manager of lumber yard to do laundry.  It is very difficult to play the clueless man in Home Depot in Scout uniform.
With that mission completed, we headed back, only to be detoured to pick up a birthday cake for a staffer to be named later. 

We did return in time for lunch and get some blog posts in.

Not the Aveo

Very impressed Dianna from Home Depot
Fancy Grill

Lucy the rocking cake maker!

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