Friday, June 17, 2016

Chuck Wagon

I seem to remember there was a time when we could choose to have a chuck wagon dinner at Worth Ranch.  I might be dreaming or delirious from the heat.  

Lunch Today

I am fearful to post this. As rule we miss one meal a week due to our inability to move as a complete troop.  We only have one meal left and we have not missed a single meal.  The boys are coming together as a troop.


Wrapping up life saving merit badge today.

Cooking Class

Brett asked me to make sure I took a picture of him in cooking class. Today they made cobbler.  Brett felt that the texture of the crust ruined the experience on the pallet.  He is a discerning chef.

Meditation Time

It is important to be in the right spiritual state. 

Sled Kyle

Having a different kind of fun down the slope.

Leach Lake

Due to the flow of the Brazos, the water front was moved to the tank on the McClure property.  Note in the last picture who was standing guard in break of the trees.

Cool Beetle

Or at least I think its a beetle. Its an Iron Clad Beetle!

Kyle Mountain Hike

It has been a contemplative week for me.  This is our 20th summer camp and I have been a part of 19 of them.   Many different scouts have come through our program.  If you spent any time in Troop 5, you will spend a night on top of Kyle.  Here is one of the more special stories of the trip up the mountain. 

Kirk and I cut out of breakfast early to make the journey to the top.  

Kyle Mountain Hair

What else is there to be said?

Friday Staff T Shirt

I wonder if Dreamworks has an issue with this shirt?

2nd Kyle Mountain Attempt

They gathered themselves to make another attempt to be a member of the Sunrise Club.

Family Night Campfire Skit

I have been to over a 100 scouting campires in my scouting career .  I seldom see something I have not seen before.  Troop 5 did an original skit that was scripted by Nick.  I was impressed that they even broke the forth wall during the one act play   It may have not had the best punch line in the world, but it was a once in a life time performance.

Family Night Campfire

We headed into the Family Night Campfire.  Scouting tradition is to enter the campfire ring solemnly.

Order of the Arrow Call Out

Every Parents Night there is is an Order of the Arrow Call out.   The Call out is to recognized the boys that were elected by their Troop to become members of Scouting's National Honor Society.  (Adults are selected to provide more service)  This organization uses American Indian traditions to show that if we serve together cheerfully, we can accomplish great things.

Troop 5 has been heavily involved in the Order of the Arrow.   It adds to the call out if one of your own is calling you out.  August pull off the trailer and looks very noble.    Congratulations to Jake, Andrew and Scotty to be called out.  They will have to complete their Ordeal to become full members of the the Order.

Flag Lowering

It is a Worth Ranch tradition to have the Staff bring down the Garrison flag on Parents Day.  There was an interesting miscommunication of who from Staff was supposed to catch the flag.  The campers stepped up.

Family Night

Family Night is on Thursdays at Worth Ranch.  The boys are always excited to see their parents.  It is always tough for the scouts that are home sick, but all 10 remained at camp after the parents left.

I attempted to get all the troop in a panoramic.  Mark mutated.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Garrison Flag.

The sound of the flag in the wind is just praiseworthy

Still going to class

It is Thursday and the boys are still committed to going to their classes.  Contrary to what they may tell the parents tonight, they seem to be enjoying them.

Ryan taking his Forestry Test

Not all merit badges involves a fun activity.  Much of it is much like school work.  It is very exciting when a Scout actually focuses on that part of summer camp.

Merit Badge Classes

One of the lessons of Summer Camp is that you have to move from class to class.  Part of the experience is time management.

Charlie's Car..

There is a song at Worth Ranch about a camp staffer that wreck their car.

Think Tank at work

Solving the problems of the world.

Health Lodge

I am hesitant to post about the Health Lodge due to the fact we have yet to make a visit.   The Teepees are to cool to not show.

Garrison Flag

Flying proudly at the Ranch


Jake down at the Shotgun range.


Blogging and doing the laundry seem to be a good combination.  It is much like living in the dorm.  Folding what was left in the dryer by someone else, moving the close out of the washer to the dryer so that I could wash the Camp Class Bs, and eventually fold a staffers cloths and the Summer Camp Class Bs.

Camp Site

Today is parents day.  This is the blog post for those that do not get to come out to Worth Ranch  and see the living accommodations.