Friday, June 29, 2012

Van Halen

Carol and I went to the Van Halen concert last week in Dallas with Mike and Gabby Riehles.  We did the true urban thing and even took the train to the concert.   I have to confess, of the four of us, Carol was the least interested in attending the concert.  She is always a good sport when I drag her down my musical memory lane.
I am sure you can find all sorts of concert reviews, but I found it to be all that I expected it to be.   My air guitar got a lot of work out during Van Halen karaoke.    

What I find interesting is what Carol tells everyone about the concert.  She even has given me a hard time for not mentioning it to people.  She really liked the humanization of Dave Lee Roth.   Diamond Dave does an acoustical guitar solo while visiting with the crowd.  I am sure it gives the rest of the band a break.  Nonetheless, the video board plays clips of Australian herding dogs and we learned that this is one of Diamond Dave’s passions.    I just saw it as the prequel to “Ice Cream Man”

In retrospect, it was a neat part of the concert.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Marathon Lottery

I won the Marathon Lottery.  I am officially registered for the Houston Marathon for January 13, 2013.  It is amazing that so many people are interesting in doing the Houston Marathon that there is a lottery selection, in June.

Phase one of my three-phase goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon is complete.  The next two are a little more difficult.   Train for the marathon and then run the marathon in the qualifying time of 3:25.

It is still cycling season, but I am officially in training.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Worth Ranch Visit

Little Troop 5 has four boys and three Assistant Scoutmasters working at Worth Ranch Scout Camp this summer.  In addition to them, I also have my godson working at Camp.   I went out last Wednesday to visit the whole crew.

I must first preface all of this by saying that working my three summers at Camp Freedom in Dauphe Germany are an integral part of my life.  That experience has been the main reason I encourage all the boys of Troop 5 to not only to go to summer camp, but one day be a staff member.  I get a sense of peace when I step onto a scout camp.   Having been camping at Worth Ranch since 1997 and having numerous boys from Little Troop 5 work camp over the years, I feel quite at home on the sacred soil in the Brazos Valley.

Summer camp staff evolves a scout in way no other scouting experience can.    You are on the go for seven straight days, working and living with what will become lifelong friends.  More importantly, you also learn to work with people that may not become your friends.   That huge organizational skill has carried me quite well.

What is most interesting as a scoutmaster is to visit young men working their first year of camp.  All four of the first year staffers, I took to summer camp as eleven year old to Worth Ranch.  They have evolved from boys who could not find the pool to young men help first year campers find their way.    They have caught the magic that is known as Worth Ranch Spirit. The skills and leadership they will bring back to Little Troop 5 are immeasurable.

What makes it even more special is their Program Director was also taken to summer camp by me as a first year scout at Worth Ranch.   Zack Wisch, contrary to what he may think, will not be able to work at Worth for the rest of his life, but he can pass on his spirit of the camp to the whole staff, but especially the boys of Troop 5.   Thanks to Zack, a long time Worth Ranch Staffer has become a Troop 5 ASM.   Evan Voorn.   He is an excellent foil for the boys of Little Troop 5.
Caught in the middle and on the banks of the Brazos is Hayden Pierce.  Next summer he will have to done the uniform of a ROTC cadet for real summer camp.   This summer he making sure Alex McKee knows what it is like to be staff at Worth and how to fish the river.

Brackton Bennett is spending his summer working at the shotgun range.  Can a young man in Texas not have a better dove hunting training job?  Drew McKee is being a monkey down at the climbing gardens and intellectual August Riehle is keeping the scouts green by working in the Ecology/Nature area.   (As the former director of the Nature Nut Nest at Camp Freedom, I think the best place at camp)
Luke and me
What makes this whole experience very spiritual is that Luke Schubert is the staff SPL.   I have lamented before that I have done a lousy job of being Luke’s godfather, but the divine intervention to have him in scouting at Worth Ranch is such a blessing.  The boys of Troop 5 know he is one of our family.   More importantly, he counts as one of mine at Worth.
Finally, the trip is complete because I went with the venerable Worth Ranch hero, Adam Rogers.  Adam always keeps me in check when I walk around Worth.  Adam has had to put up hearing about my Camp Freedom stories since 1998.   I have been listening to his Worth Ranch stories for the same period.

I look forward to visiting my boys at Worth Ranch for many years to come.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weight Loss

For those that have lost and gained weight in the past know that it has many challenges.   I have lost enough weight that I had to start buying new clothes.    When you wear a suit to work, this can get to be quite expensive.     I have had some of my suits tailored again.  Some cannot be brought in anymore.  Pants are supposed to have two pockets.

I have been disciplined for the past 15 months or so to get to my new weight, but am always concerned that I will gain it back.  I do not want to by another wardrobe.  I probably wore my big suits longer that was professional acceptable.

Last night, I made a huge commitment to keeping the weight off.  Carol and I brought my wedding ring in to the jeweler to have it resized a whole size lower.   There will be no going back unless I buy a new ring.    That alone may keep me motivated.