Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weight Loss

For those that have lost and gained weight in the past know that it has many challenges.   I have lost enough weight that I had to start buying new clothes.    When you wear a suit to work, this can get to be quite expensive.     I have had some of my suits tailored again.  Some cannot be brought in anymore.  Pants are supposed to have two pockets.

I have been disciplined for the past 15 months or so to get to my new weight, but am always concerned that I will gain it back.  I do not want to by another wardrobe.  I probably wore my big suits longer that was professional acceptable.

Last night, I made a huge commitment to keeping the weight off.  Carol and I brought my wedding ring in to the jeweler to have it resized a whole size lower.   There will be no going back unless I buy a new ring.    That alone may keep me motivated.

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