Friday, June 29, 2012

Van Halen

Carol and I went to the Van Halen concert last week in Dallas with Mike and Gabby Riehles.  We did the true urban thing and even took the train to the concert.   I have to confess, of the four of us, Carol was the least interested in attending the concert.  She is always a good sport when I drag her down my musical memory lane.
I am sure you can find all sorts of concert reviews, but I found it to be all that I expected it to be.   My air guitar got a lot of work out during Van Halen karaoke.    

What I find interesting is what Carol tells everyone about the concert.  She even has given me a hard time for not mentioning it to people.  She really liked the humanization of Dave Lee Roth.   Diamond Dave does an acoustical guitar solo while visiting with the crowd.  I am sure it gives the rest of the band a break.  Nonetheless, the video board plays clips of Australian herding dogs and we learned that this is one of Diamond Dave’s passions.    I just saw it as the prequel to “Ice Cream Man”

In retrospect, it was a neat part of the concert.  

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