Thursday, July 5, 2012

Always Take the Tickets!

Tamara and I went to see the Blue Man Group last Friday at Bass Hall.   We had fantastic seats thanks to one of my good friends.
I have a mantra that I am known for, “Always take the tickets!”  My belief is that if someone is offering you the free tickets, you have to take them.   Even if you cannot go, you should work take them and find a home for your friend.    That way you will always be on the list when they have this problem.  Therefore, when I got a call at 6pm for the 8pm show, the scramble began.
The scramble began and we accepted the tickets.    Due to all sorts of reason, we decided that Tamara and I would go to the show.   This worked out because it was her birthday weekend.  Moreover, due to the way life works, Tamara and I rarely go do things with just the two of us.   
Fun was had by all.

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