Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adult Leaders

I really like this picture that Dave took.   It shows the boys headed to flag with the adults trailing behind.  Please also note I have a coffee cup in my hand.   It is a Scoutmaster staple.

The point is the boys lead but the adults in the troop make sure everyone gets to where they need to be in Scouting.   The adult leaders that make a commitment to take the Troop in summer camp have made a personal as well as a family sacrifice.     I am sure that at any given time, we drive each other a little crazy, but as a team, we do a good job.

None of us signed up to be adult leaders to make new friends.  We all do it because we believe that Scouting provides an opportunity to young men to grow into leaders.    Most of our discussions are about how to help the boys and make the troop better.     The boys of the Troop are blessed with this crew.

Now to follow is the posts about each one of them…

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