Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Expert

Zack is The Expert.  To get a background on Zack, read this post.  Zack came to camp after working his second summer as Program Director at Worth Ranch.  He knows how a camp is supposed to be run and spent most of the week critiquing the operations.    I am sure that it is reflected in the evaluation.   He did provide me an excellent foil when I was concerned about issues at the camp.  He provided insight from the Program Director perspective.

What the ad vantages of having a 21 year old assistant Scoutmaster the boys think he is the smartest adult alive in scouting.   This is helpful when they boys start to drift from the true direction of scouting.   They tend to listen to the college boys.    Zack has no problem with this role, being the expert and all.   He price for this was being stuck with the messiest adult as a tent mate, the Scoutmaster.

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