Sunday, June 26, 2011

Zack Wisch

Zack was our Program Director at Worth Ranch this past week.  In the immortal words of Evan Voorn as he introduced Zack for the Softball game, “The Pride of Five!!!”

I explained to the boys as we headed to camp that we would be known as “Wisch’s Troop” all week.  I was not wrong.

I met Zack when he was a Tiger Cub and tracked his progress in Cub Scouts through his father.  He joined Troop 5 in April 2002.   That summer I took Zack to his first summer camp at Worth Ranch.  He quickly bought into the Worth Ranch lore that was exposed by the Camp Staff.  He went back in 2005 as Camp Staff and he really has not left Worth Ranch since then.   Along the way he has been an integral part of Little Troop 5 and carried our banner proudly.

He has served the Troop, the OA lodge and the Council.   One of my proudest moments was hanging my Vigil Sash that was hung on me in 1984 on him.  I bestowed his Vigil name to be “Never Without an Opinion”

Scoutmasters take great pride in their scouts.  So I broke from my own traditions and gave an award at the campfire. 
Troop 5 uses the gold neckerchief to signify the Senior Patrol Leader, because it is the burden of leadership.  No adult has ever worn the neckerchief until now. 

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