Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kyle Mountain

Guest Blogger:  Mike Riehle
Every year at summer camp, Worth Ranch sends the first year scouts from Hammer Patrol to spend the night on Kyle Mountain.  And every year it’s a Troop 5 tradition to send a first year adult leader with them.  This year I was awarded that honor.  Even though we only have one first year scout, I was very happy to see five of our second and third year scouts volunteer to go up Kyle with Cory.  I’m not sure, but a lot of the other troops must have had the same idea as there were over 130 scouts on the trail up the mountain.  Add to that the staff guides and adult leaders, and there’s almost a continuous line of people from the bottom to the top. 

The trek up Kyle is not a particularly strenuous one, but for some scouts it can be their first real “scout” type challenge.  All of the scouts with me had been on Kyle before, so the climb was almost second nature.  Of course, the intended challenge is spending the night in the open on top of the mountain.  This too went without a hitch, our Troop 5 reps got settled in pretty quickly and were soon asleep.  By the sounds coming from the campsites around me, I realized that I was not one of the fortunate scout leaders who had the traditional first-year-scout-sleeping-on-Kyle-Mountain experience.  I’m not complaining. 

Once all the flashlights were out and scouts were finally quieting down, I was able to lay back and enjoy my night under the stars.  And though I hadn’t chosen the most comfortable spot, I was soon asleep as well.  I woke to the first sounds of our scout guides waking everybody up before daybreak.  The ultimate purpose of the trip was coming soon; heading to the other side to watch the sunrise.  Although it was a little crowded on the ridge, it was worth the wait. 

As with most things in nature, the pictures do not do it justice.  Sleepy eyes soon forgot how sleepy they were and a lot of first year scouts will go home with something not everyone has.

…and we made it down in time for breakfast.

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