Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tour d'Italia

Today was the 26th annual Tour d'Italia in Italy, Texas. I went down to Italy with my cycling buddy Justin. We met up with some other cycling buddies for what was a brutally windy and hot day on the bike. Wind was 30mph plus and the heat was over 104 off the road. We finished the 63 mile ride in 3:20.

The highlight of my ride was when I ended up in a pace line with a cycling buddy I have not seen in a while. He rode past me and yell “Shugart is that you? Where did you leave the rest of you?” We chatted and I shared my weight loss goal, he said he recognized the bike before he recognized me.

I am still above 200 pounds, but I am dangerously close to having a new frame.

1 comment:

  1. 63 miles, 104 temp, 3:20're in better shape than I am. Keep it up!