Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flag Practice

I have many scouting compatriots that I have met through the years.  We see each other, we wave, and even support each other.  But most of us are focused on the program, so we really don’t get to know each other that well.

To one such Scouter I am known as the “Blog Guy” and I call him the “the Flag Pole Guy”.  Jim Goldthwaite played an integral part in the placement of the Jack Boyd Flag Pole at Worth Ranch.   The pole is designed to handle many size flags from a full garrison to a normal flag.

Troop 5 has elected to bring down the half garrison tonight.  They even chose to practice during the storm.  As a scoutmaster, I am nervous because our boys will be on stage this evening.   I know Jim will be excited that we chose to use that flag.

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  1. Every experience in a week at Worth Ranch is magnified. The heat, the storms, the fellowship, the "grip" are all imprinted in the memory. But, the feeling experienced when observing the pride and skill of a first rate flag ceremony is one I wish every Scout could experience. Thanks!
    - The Flagpole Guy.