Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flag Raising?

Much to my surprise, the boys successfully signed up for Flag Raising on Thursday morning.   Even more surprising is that not every slot was filled so Staff had to raise the flag this morning.  Holling recruited Alex to be in the ceremony.

As discussed before flag etiquette is very important in scouting.  After the American Flag was raised, the staff member making the call announces.  “Raise the Flag of the Beautiful State of Colorado and the Lone Star State of Texas” 

We all hold our salute as the Flags of Colorado and Puerto Rico get raised.  I learn later Alex is telling Holling “This is not the Texas Flag” and her response is “just raise it”.   I do not know much, but I believe this is probably a breach of flag etiquette. 

I reserve the right for more smug responses after Little Troop 5 raises the flag.  I do fear the force of Karma.

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