Saturday, July 14, 2012


As the adults in the Troop will confirm, I am really never concerned about what other leaders from other troops think of Troop 5.  I am also never concerned what the adult staff at a camp think as well.   When we go to Worth Ranch, the troop has way to much history for the staff to give an objective opinion.  The boys are held to successes and mistakes of members of Troop 5 have had throughout the years

So when we go out of council, it is really where Troop 5 is measured by the youth staff of the camp.  They have never seen the boys or the Troop before.   It is here where they either shine or crash.

Holling informed Zack as the troop left camp today.  “Troop 5 is the epitome of scouting.”   I am sure the boys will have to look it up, but is a wonderful complement. 

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