Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Camp 2012

Well here, we go again.  Little Troop 5 is on its way to summer camp.  We are headed to Camp Cris Dobbins in Colorado.    This my favorite time of year to blog.  I know I have an audience and I get to share something that is very important to me.

In traditional Troop 5 fashion, we schedule ourselves to leave at 6:30 am Saturday morning.   We hit the road at 7:20 am.    My parents are fascinated that I am somehow surprised that we do not leave on time.   I just do not get it, but it is been that way since the troop started in 1997.  

I have added a search box to the blog, so if you want to see posts from other summer camps, just use the search term "Summer Camp".

Enjoy, I will. 

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