Monday, June 16, 2014

Troop 5 Summer Camps

This incarnation of Little Troop 5 started in 1997.  This is where we have been to summer camp each year.

1997 Sid Richardson Scout Ranch
1998 Cedar Valley,  Arkansas
1999 Boxwell, Tennessee
2000 Cedar Valley, Arkansas
2001 Camp Alexander, Colorado
2002 Worth Ranch
2003 Camp Blass, Arkansas
2004 Slipper Falls Scout Ranch
2005 Worth Ranch
2006 Camp Wehinahpay, NM
2007 M.K. Brown, Texas
2008 Worth Ranch
2009 Worth Ranch
2010 Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch, Texas
2011 Worth Ranch
2012 Camp Cris Dobbins, Colorado 
2013 Camp Constantin, Texas
2014 Worth Ranch


  1. You can try to steer the scouts towards a alternating plan, but ultimately it's up to the scouts and budget as to where they go.

  2. This list has been edited since Adam's Comment.. the 2009 post was fixed then.