Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weight Loss Continues

I continue to set intermediate goals to make my progress towards my ideal weight by my birthday. One of those was to be below 220 by April 1. I set this goal with the thought it was at the beginning of cycling season. After a hard summer of riding, I get down to about 230 to 225, so I figure if I could start the season at 220 or less, I could really knock off the weight in the spring and the summer.

I accomplished that goal. My next goal is to be below 200 pounds. The carrot I have in front of me is that I will purchase a new bike frame. To keep that in clear focus, the down payment for a Specialized Tarmac has been made.  Even in my hard riding days of my early 30s, I barly got below 200 pounds, This carrot better work

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