Friday, July 3, 2009

My Rides

I have been riding the road bike since 1994. The hard core cycling season runs during daylight savings time. During that period, a perfect cycling week is when I get four rides in for at least a total of 160 miles. My fitness level fluctuates from season to season due to life commitments, but Carol will tell you my mood is closely related to how much riding I get in.

Tuesdays I have two choices for group rides. One is at the shop. It is a moderately paced ride that I get 40 miles in because I ride from the house. It is a nice recovery ride. The other is at Joe Pool Lake, I have to pack my bike in my car in the morning. It is a hammerfest up the hills of Cedar Hill. I cannot climb worth a lick and my goal for that ride is not to be the last one to finish. It is around 32 miles. I tend to alternate between these rides to not tire myself out.

Thursdays is another hammerfest out at Joe Pool Lake. This one only has one major hill which I have to bust my butt to get up with the hope to finish with the chase group. This ride is about 31 miles.

On Saturdays, I ride from the shop if I am not doing a local bike tour. (Bike Rally). This is my long ride for the week, at least 70 miles. This group from the shop will ride to Benbrook, Venus, Alvarado, Burleson, Joshua, or Waxahachie, Maypearl and the places in between depending on mood, wind and weather.

The local bike tours are fun and I will blog about them when they happen. The big one of the year is the Hotter N’ Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls in August. My favorite is the Goatneck in Cleburne in July.

The Sunday ride is again from the shop. I blogged about it just this week, but it is an evolving ride that I get 43 miles with this ride.

All this riding ensures that I can eat fried cheese. That is the goal.

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