Friday, July 31, 2009

Random thoughts on a bike

Somebody asked me the other day what I think about when I am on the bike. I made mental notes during my Thursday night ride, because I was not really sure. Here is a brain dump of the random thoughts for a 31 miles ride that I averaged 20.1 mph.

Wow, big group tonight. Dang, lots of skinny fit dudes. “Yo Justin”. I think we have a tail wind. “Thanks for putting my bike together Jeff” I have not seen that guy before, I think I can drop him. NO I am not going to pull to the hill, need to fade to the back. “Hey Chris, long time no see.” Ok, here comes the hill. Legs feeling good.. Complicated Shadows. I’m not breathing heavy, cool.. “CAR UP”. Move up, Move up. Up the Plume.. Damn they are flying. Not going to be last. Fine Chris, I will let you pull me up the hill. Where’s Justin? Why is Duke kid pulled over.. Oh.. mechanical, Almost to the top. Wow Duke kid is wasting a lot of effort to get buy me, moneys down the road. Ooh.. got three targets in front of.. Ride smooth.. There’s Justin on my wheel. Its Darker than you Know in those Complicated Shadows. Cool there are four of us. “Chris, stay steady”. We can catch those two in front of us. My legs hurt. Why I am pulling? Well you know your time has come and you are sorry for what you’ve done. “The guy is the red is not working, we got them” Who is this dude in the black jersey, never seen him. Close the gap, dude. Fine I’ll go to the front. It'll soon be time to go but it's darker than you know in those Complicated Shadows. Shit. “PASSING PASSING PASSING” Did he have to pass that close. What the? I just finished pulling your butt for 2 miles and now you attack?. Don’t like this guy in the black jersey. Dang we are hammering. All you gangsters and rude clowns Who were shooting up the town. So you attack and then sit in.. Jerk. “We Lost one” cool dropped the guy in the red jersey we caught, black jersey hurting. But it's darker than you know in those Complicated Shadows. Gonna fly down Plume. “CAR LEFT CAR LEFT’. There goes all my dang momentum. Sometimes justice you will find Is just dumb not colour-blind. Got to take the sprint. “FALL OFF JUSTIN” Damn headwind. Lungs and legs ok. Here we go. Hurt hurt hurt. Nice lead out Justin, bye-bye black jersey. Damn Duke kid. He is blowing.. I can do it.. Alright, I got the sprint. “Good ride” But iron and steel will bend and break In those Complicated Shadows

For some reason Elvis Costello’s new song “Complicated Shadows” was stuck in my head the whole ride, his lyrics are italicized above.


  1. If I ever have a blog, Ill do "random thoughts on the pot," which while being just as pointless as this, would most likely be more interesting.

  2. about stream of consciousness!