Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cruel Ride

Often times I am asked why I ride the bike. I need to delve into that sometime, but today I am sure I could not tell you why I ride. Tonight’s ride was cruel. It is freaking hot in Texas and my cycle computer thermometer read 108 as I was getting ready. It should be duly noted that Carol questioned whether I should be riding tonight because of the heat. I told her I was just going to take it easy.

I lied and karma kicked my butt.

The normal rider participation was down due to the heat. After we came together on Lake Ridge, the pace quickened as we rode into a head wind. My legs were already starting to bother me, I was gasping for air, and my heart rate was headed towards max. I kept thinking, “I told Carol I would go easy” as I looked down at a speed of 25mph. We reach the base of the first climb and I almost get shelled, but I pull back into the group. I am in pain, my head is swimming and it’s freaking hot. I stay with the group until the base of the big climb, Texas Plume. I give every bit of effort I can to stay with them, but they ride away. I can feel my lunch wanting to come up and see what is going on. By the time I reach the top, I notice that I am not sweating and my skin is nothing but goose bumps. Being the wise cyclist that I am, I proceed to chase the group. Luckily for me, there is a tri-athlete that could not climb worth a lick with me. We trade pulls, but to no avail, the group is gone. By this time it is becoming clear that I have no business being on the bike as I quell the gag reflex of my investigative lunch. I abandoned the ride and found the quickest way back to the car. However, I took it easy, not because I was honoring my word with Carol, but because it was all I could do.

Although I probably cut 5 miles off of the ride, I barely beat the lead riders back to the cars.

If asked, I ride because I enjoy it.


  1. I told you it would be hot, but then its July in Texas, its a given it will be hot.

  2. I do NOT understand you boys and your bikes...

  3. So my guess is you cut out at Shilo?