Thursday, July 23, 2009

I don't watch TV

Yesterday I was asked twice if I watched a particular television show. I do not like my answer. There has to be a better answer than “I don’t watch TV”. That answer t is not entirely true; I watch sports. It comes off as arrogant, as if I am some NPR listening, “green” car driving, Starbucks drinking, tree hugging, New York Times reading, road cyclist better than thou kind of guy. This is also not true. I do not listen to NPR that much.

The truth is it is about time. I also do not like the answer “I don’t have time for TV”. That comes across the same way. I allocate my time to work, home, family, scouts and cycling. I am sure there are people in each of those groups who would argue about the order, but that is what I find important. Cycling is a huge time suck when you commit to riding as much as I do. If you are going to commit to balance in the other part of your life, you have to give something up. I have given up television shows.

My obsessive and compulsive personality wants to watch a show from the beginning to the end. The last show I was successful with this was Seinfeld. I have found it easier to be a sports fan. You can turn on any game at any point and in a few short minutes be caught right up to speed. It is great background noise when you are doing things at the house, such as writing in your blog.

I also do not look down on people who watch television shows. I miss out on a lot of good office conversation because I have no idea who is dancing with who, who is still on the island and where the heck the plane crashed on Lost. I have also grown to learn that people grow tired of cycling and scouting stories if they do not participate. Everyone can participate in watching TV, so that is a common bond that I do not have.

For the moment, I think I am going to say, “I’m a sports guy... sorry”, there is a bunch of television networks that are dedicated to that genera. TV watching people will understand.

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