Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tim Curry

I had the privilege to have worked for Tim Curry from February 25, 2002 until he passed away April 24, 2009. Mr. Curry was sworn into office as the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney on November 27, 1972.

In the latest issue of Texas District and County Attorney Newsletter has a wonderful In Memoriam section dedicated to my former boss, if you want to read it you will get but a glimpse of this true statesmen.

This is what I said.

J. Greg Shugart
Business Manager, Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office
I have been the business administrator for the DA’s office for over seven years. I tell the staff here that I’m the person who keeps their copiers working and their legal pads and paper clips supplied so that they can do their work. But I also worked daily with Tim Curry to keep our $33-million-budget office ticking efficiently. I saw firsthand how Mr. Curry diligently sought to save jobs in our narcotics and check departments as grant funds and check fees dwindled. Many of my administrative tasks required sophisticated negotiations with the Commissioners’ Court and County Administration. Although I often felt clumsy when accomplishing his goals, Mr. Curry always backed me up, just as he supported any of his staff following his directives.

Mr. Curry’s strong work ethic and humble style repeatedly reminded me of Plato’s Greek classic, The Republic. His style emulated the guardians of civic justice that Plato described. Mr. Curry stayed in-formed; he always focused on what was right and just; his loyalty was legendary. And Mr. Curry never sought praise for any of the myriad deeds he accomplished. Those of us who worked for him will strive to follow his example

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