Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Siddiquis

For those not paying attention, I was busy last weekend. On Saturday afternoon Troop 5 held an Eagle Court of Honor for Mamoon Siddiqui. I have known Mamoon since he was four years old poking his head behind his father’s legs at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch in 1997.

Mamoon and his family were visiting his older brother Moeed who was suffering in the heat as a first year scout at Summer Camp that day. I shook their fathers hand and introduced myself to him. Sid Siddiqui asked me that day, “Which one of these boys is yours?” I paused, thought about it and said, “All of them.”

If was a Friday and I had also suffered through my first summer camp since 1984 and my first as an Adult Leader. Little did I know at the time, I was on my way to becoming the Scoutmaster of little Troop 5.

I have been blessed having the Siddiqui family in my life since then. It is a sad day for me no longer have a Siddiqui as a scout in Troop. Now I just have four adult leaders: two committee members and two Assistant Scoutmasters.

Not only have I got to watch two scouts grow up to be fine young men, the Siddiquis have watched me go from a 30 year old pathetic bachelor who had vacation to burn to go to summer camp to 40 something married grandfather who still takes boys to summer camp. We have supported each other as friends during that time.

Congratulations to Mamoon for being an Eagle Scout-well deserved. Thank you to the Siddiquis for being my friends.

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