Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Brett’s birthday is June 2 and it would seem unfair to him to wait until next year to introduce him when he will be turning 24. I am sure he is very concerned.

Brett came into my life when in 1997 when he was 10. It was a scary time for me, I had just started dating his mother and he crossed over into my Scout Troop the following spring. As most of you know, it worked out and he became my stepson in 1999. We have had our challenges but I know I am better for it, hopefully he is as well.

We had the classic Scoutmaster/Son relationship. You have patience for every boy in your troop but one. “You expect me to be better than everyone else!” he once yelled at a campout. I responded, “You figured it out!” Brett is one of my Eagle Scouts and well deserved

Brett is currently working for father at Underwood Drafting &Surveying. He is plugging along on his undergraduate degree with a much better GPA than I had. He recently bought a house in Denison that he shares with his girlfriend Brittney, who is a sweetheart.

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