Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Norman Conquest

In 1066 was the Norman Conquest of England, but I want to discuss the bike ride in Norman Oklahoma.

Today I did the Norman Conquest . This is my third out of state tour. I have done the Enchanted Circle Century in New Mexico and the Tour De Vally in Virginia.

Carol is from Moore, OK, so we came up for the weekend, stayed at her sisters in OKC and I got up early this morning to do the ride. Carol spent quality time with her sister and high school friends.

It was the day to do 66 miles in Oklahoma. It was 66 degrees at the start. After the past few weeks of riding in 100 plus degree weather, I was ecstatic.

The route goes east out of Norman, goes across Lake Thunderbird, and it has one rolling hill after another. I know the flyer said it was going to be hilly, but I thought.”Oklahoma?” Well, the flyer was correct and continued to note to the Okie boys I was riding with. “Where is this flat Oklahoma I hear about?” This question was met with much laughter.

I survived in the rolling hills with the lead group for 10.6 miles. I was going to get dropped, but I got hung up in the wrong gear on a turn up a steep climb that sealed the deal. I very nice chase packed formed and I rode with them until mile 40. Unfortunately, a 20 something zero body fat kid with an Oklahoma State Champion jersey rolled into our group. Why the hell did a bunch of 40 something recreational riders think they could chase and stay with this guy is beyond me, but we did and I was spit out the back. I was a tad disheartened until my course merged with the 46 mile course. I had already done that amount and the people I was passing were really suffering. I fine example of schadenfreude on my part. I filled my bottles at the 54 mile rest stop and jumped onto a group as I left. I ending up averaging 18mph for the ride and the temperature was 86 degrees at the finish.

A good day.


  1. Sounds like you were no William the Conqueror on this Norman Conquest.

  2. What was the the champion kid doing back in the old-guy group, anyway?

    Brent J