Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today is Carol’s Birthday. Carol has been my lovely wife since May 29, 1999. I am not sure if I have been her “outstanding” husband since then, but it is not for the lack of trying. Carol made the mistake of becoming my friend in 1993 when I was the City Administrator of Dalworthington Gardens. Our first date was going to an Arlington High Football game to watch the game and Tamara be a “shadow” for the Marching Band in 1997. While we were dating she learned that I was not remotely handy with tools as she replaced the alternator on her truck as I watched.

One of my favorite stories about her when we were dating was when she went to my Fraternity’s anniversary party. She more than tolerated my indulgence of my journey to my college days with my college buddies. As we were walking out, with the keys in Carol’s hand, the off duty officer working security ask for Carol’s autograph. I was a tad confused, but when we got in the car, she told me they thought she was Dyan Cannon. I remember thinking, “They think my date is Dyan Cannon... Who is Dyan Cannon?” I have since learned.

She married me nonetheless and we moved into my 1930’s house and she made it a home for Tamara, Brett and I. During these years her grasp of common sense is off the scale, which has been very helpful through our many adventures and trials. She is more than supportive of my scouting and cycling. The Scouts in the troop refer to her as “Ms. Carol”; she has sewn many a uniform. And most of the time does not lose patience with me as we continue to improve out little house. I have actually grown to enjoy working in the yard with her.

More importantly, Carol shares my passion for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. She understands the importance of seeing the scarlet and black clad team in the frenzied confines of “The Jones” Our season ticket holder family around us always upset with me if she does not make the journey.

When Carol is not ensuring the health and welfare of Brett, Brittany, Tamara, David, me and of course Aedan, she is working at Teague Nall and Perkins civil Engineering firm as a Senior Designer. She will be celebrating 20 years of service this year.

My own observation of successful relationships is when the man is aware that he has done better than he deserves. I am such a man.

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  1. You certainly are! ;-)
    What a nice tribute to Carol.