Friday, March 9, 2012

My turn

I suppose this is vaguely a work related post, but definitely the way I see the world.  I am always fascinated by how people get wound up over traffic tickets.  Over the course of driving over a year, people speed, roll stop signs, fail to signal, cross solid white lines, run red lights, etc. and fail to get a ticket. 

When you do get a ticket, the law of large numbers has caught up with you.  Even in the remote chance, that this was one the one time the officer was mistaken, why fight it?  I know those that will go to the mat over principle. In the end, how much is your time worth? Please note; Carol fought a ticket and won, so there is merit to this approach.

I just view it as my turn. Thanks to a City of Fort Worth Stop Light Camera my turn was apparently February 15, 2012.   Lucky for me this is actually a civil matter and only $75.

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