Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dalworthington Gardens

I have had this post written in the back of my head since last summer.  It was supposed to follow my post about Al Taub.   Therefore, it is a little late.
Nineteen years ago this month, I started working for the City of Dalworthington Gardens.  Two years later I bought a house inside my little City, and four years after that, Carol made it our home.   I am blessed to have fallen into this lovely little city in Tarrant County.    Though being a member of its staff and a citizen, it is an integral part of my life.
Carol actually has been involved with the City of Dalworthington Gardens longer than I have, since she worked for the City’s engineering firm prior to my arrival.   TNP designed the water system that attached the City to the City of Fort Worth water system.   Carol’s handy work can be seen on all the water tanks.   She designed the famous DWG logo.
Our influence over the city does not end there.  Tamara and David submitted the design for the street sign topper that is now in use all over the City.

Fate brought me to DWG and it has rewarded me for staying.

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  1. Awwww... how did I miss that Carol designed the logo? Great toppers too.