Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Boston Marathon Qualifying Time

I am a goal driven person.  In the recesses of my minds when I started to run, the goal of actual qualifying for the Boston Marathon was rolling around.  When I did my first and only marathon in 2007, I did it in 4:23:18 seconds.   At the time, I would have had to take an hour and 3 minutes off my time to qualify.   Therefore, I did not think it was realistic.

In the meantime, Boston has made qualifying tougher, but I also have gotten older, so the 2013 Qualifying time from my age is 3:25 minutes.  So now, I have to take 56 minutes off my time.   Although this does not sound realistic, I also weighed 243 pounds when I did the Marathon.

If you were double my half in Austin this past February (which was 1:43:17) I would miss qualifying by 3 minutes.  Suddenly the goal seems realistic.   I will need to knock off another 12 minutes off my half time in order to give it back the second half.  My thought is if I get down to my ideal weight, I should be able to do this.

After cycling season this fall, I will start formalizing my training plans.  I do have a plan if I do qualify.   My Cousin Eric, his wife Tracy and his boys will have company. 


  1. Gonzo- If you qualify, you can stay at my house. I live 1 mile from the route and about 10 miles from the start. Easy Peazy.

    Bill aka Tiny

  2. Tiny-There is no way I could make it to bean town and not hoist one with you. -Gonzo