Sunday, March 7, 2010

Manly Day!

Saturday was quite the manly day for me. It included a 2 ½ hour bike ride, the use of the reciprocal saw, a truck, a trailer and a trip to the brush pile at the back side of the Garden’s Park.

I have been procrastinating getting rid of the broken limbs from various storms over the past few years. The winter storms over the past few months have added to my ever growing brush pile. I had committed to Carol that I would take a day off and take care of the pile so it could be hauled away with the trash.

The City of Dalworthington Gardens, in their infamous wisdom, gave the citizens this weekend to haul all their broken limbs to the back side of the park for disposal. I am not real sure what they are going to do with them, but I concluded it was not my problem.

I borrowed a flat bed trailer from a buddy and Saturday afternoon, after a very nice bike ride, went to work. Due to very poor planning, or the desire to hide the brush pile from Carol, the brush pile is on the back side of our property. While Aedan and Carol watched, I hauled to broken limbs and brush to the to the trailer. It is important to note, that Aedan figured out what was going on and would pick up broken twigs and put them on the trailer for me.

I, of course, had to make some of the limbs a more manageable size, ergo the reciprocal saw. Nothing makes you feel manlier than cutting dead wood with a powerful tool. We hauled the trailer full of branches to the park. It was very clear that the citizens of Dalworthington Gardens were taken advantage of this free dumping. The size of the pile was amazing, about a half an acre at six feet tall. After unloading our trailer I helped a man unload his, but we had to move the truck to let the two more trucks in to continue utilizing the free service.

Any day that includes a helmet and power tools is a high testosterone day!

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