Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cycle Commuting

I have a confession to make. Although I like the green-ness of cycle commuting, I really just do it for more time on the bike. This past Friday was the first time I got to cycle commute this year. My grand plan is to cycle commute as much as I can in the spring before it becomes ungodley hot and pick it back up again in the fall.

Considering the fact that I am not remotely close to my completive cycling shape, I will really need to cycle commute at least twice a week through March.

I ride from the house to the bus stop, put the bike on the bus bike rack and ride in. My parents bought me a really cool pannier for my commuting bike a few years ago. I it drapes over my rear rack, but it is garment bag. I get to work, shower, and change and at my desk in time to start my day.

I change in my office at the end of the day and ride home. It is about 16 or so miles from my work to the house, it takes me about an hour. I could tell on Friday it had been quite some time since I have ridden the commuting bike.

The only adventure on Friday was turning left into the driveway. Although I clearly signaled, looked back, made ey e contact, but an impatient driver still tried to pass me just as I was turning left. What completed the experience was that she gave me the middle finger as she went by…

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