Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pictures from Parent's Trip.

Above are the the pictures of the bush/tree planting was at the Cu Chi Tunnels and the area where the brigade was when my Dad commanded a Headquarters Company. Thainh, the guide, bought the bush with his own money for them to plant in memory of all soldiers that died in the Vietnam War. My Dad, Thainh, and Dr. Barton Dick a combat Marine physician are pictured. The north plowed under all the graves of the soldiers from the south and there are only memorials to the north which are all showy and new. My folks made a sign for B Company and they buried it with the bush.

I know this was important to my Dad. He commanded some mighty fine men that I met at his reunion. However, I did not get to meet those courageous men that died in combat following the orders of my father and those up the military chain of command. Regardless of anyone’s position on the Vietnam War, those Americans that were left behind, where doing their job, they died so that someone could come home.

This small tree speaks for so much more.

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