Monday, March 15, 2010

More confusion

This is sort of in the same vein of my last post. It might explain the whole Lois Lane/Superman thing. Spandex and lyric just make you look different.

In the court house, I am known as “The Red Raider.” I wear a Texas Tech lanyard to keep track of my County ID and bus pass. I will end up getting involved in sports discussions with many people. It is a choice I make by wearing my school colors around my neck.

You stack this with the confusion of many of the defense bar that I am prosecutor, because they see me all the time, and therefore I am required to listen to them. (Please note, I am not an attorney, I have not played one on TV and I do correct anyone who asks me.) During the whole Mike Leach situation, I had a very long lecture from one defense attorney on what his opini0on on what happened, who should have been fired, and the direction of the football program.

I had to have the whole conversation all over again this past Sunday evening, albeit a tad bit more abbreviated. I was wearing my Texas Tech cycling jersey waiting for the ride to start. This same defense attorney walks out of the bike shop, does not recognize me from the court house, and launches into his Mike Leach diatribe again.

Again, I ask for such things by wearing my school colors, but it was still not very logical the second time around. I just did not have the energy to explain we had this lecture before. Needed to save that for the ride.

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  1. I don't wear the fancy spandex and what not to work but the same customers will come in week after week and have the same conversations with me. It drives me batty!