Friday, March 12, 2010

Cycling Buddies

Cycling friends are a very interesting group. You spend hours with them, in the heat, in the cold and even beautiful days.  You have long conversations about work, family, politics, sports and other things in life, yet you never see them except on the bike.

Last evening when I was at the bike shop purchasing new tires for my commuter bike, I finally met my buddy Don off the bike. I have been riding with Don for about three years. He evolved fro "the guy that rides in the sandals"; to John, until Big Dave told me his name was Don.

Since we are always in spandex, lycra, helmets and sunglasses, he was in the shop when I walked in and did not even recognize him. Plus you look ten times thinner in street cloths. Not until I heard his voice, did I realize it was Don. He made the same observation.

I hope I looked a little thinner in my suit.

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  1. It is odd to me when Dave doesn't recognize some one he sees every week...