Friday, April 6, 2012

Making Nana Proud

I have successfully made it to Mass every week during lent so far, with Easter services being the final step.  This included stumbling into the rosary before Mass at St. Johns in Bridgeport, TX.   I do not think I have said the rosary since my confirmation classes in eighth grade.  

The other adventure has been the changes in the responses in the new Roman Missal.   I had my folks gather old Catholic Updates to explain the logic behind the biggest change to Mass since Vatican II.  I am not getting into the theology of the change, but the fact that my rote learning over the years proved to be useless in Mass.    Ironically, it has required me to pay attention and follow along in the Missal.  I believe it has actually made my reintroduction to the church more meaningful.

This past Palm Sunday, I placed my palm on the crucifix that hung in my Polish grandmother’s bedroom.  When my Mom asked if I wanted anything that that belonged to Nana when she passed away, I requested this crucifix.    It has and will always serve as a constant reminder of my roots.

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  1. Good post. I'm sure your Nanna is proud.