Monday, April 23, 2012

Brother Dave

As the travel man lately, I had the chance to have dinner with my brother David and his wife, Dudley in Northern Virginia last week.  I believe that I have and will always be David’s annoying little brother.  Being 18 months younger than him, but a year behind him in school I felt I was always in his shadow.   I spent my formative years making sure that we were never confused as the same person, much to dismay of our parents.

 We did have a good visit, trading stories about work and family.   We are lucky to see each other once a year, so we seized the luck.  He will be heading to Afghanistan this summer as a senior military adviser to the Afghan army, so I feel double blessed to have had this chance.

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  1. can really see your Mother in the left side of the pictuce and your Dad on the right side.