Monday, April 2, 2012

Austin Cycling Culture

Unlike many business travelers, I bring my bike instead of golf clubs.   A couple of weeks ago I had business in Austin.  I got out for two different rides.   Austin is a great place to ride.  The motorist respects bike routes, bike lanes and you.   It is fantastic.

The fact that they have a blessing of the bikes is an indication of a different culture.   One of my rides I found a University of Texas racer that was kind enough to take me out to the hills.  The college boy did see if the old man could keep up with him.  Once he realized that he was not going to drop me on the hills, he eased up a tad and we had a wonderful chat about riding in Austin.

My goal was about 30 miles and he was headed out for more, so he gave me directions back to downtown.  He told me to turn here, here, and here.  I apparently turned there, there and there.   So I got extraordinarily lost.  Because of my many years of scout training and the fact  I could see downtown Austin; I was not panicked.   I just started following clearly marked bike routes and bike lanes until I returned to my hotel.   All during this ride, I never had an issue with a driver.   In fact, on one hill, I actually go encouragement as I struggled up a very steep hill.

It may not always be like this, but I enjoyed.

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