Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am a cyclist; we have covered this in the past.  In my quest of weight loss, I also run during the off-season.  Although I have come to enjoy it more over the years, it still is far more of a chore than riding the bike.  One of the mental tricks on I do to myself is to sign up for a half marathon or two in the off season.  It forces me to stay motivated. 

I have the Austin Half coming up in few weeks.  I really do not have a training program.   I read somewhere, at some time, by someone, on the internet that you could ride your bike three times your average ride during the week if you have some kind of base in your legs.

I have taken this random thought I have found on the internet and have applied it to my running.  I have dubbed it the weekly averaging system.  WAS as it will be called in my fitness books.   I see quite a few plays on words with this title.

Today I tested that theory and went out on a 15.3 mile run early this morning.  I am prepared to call my system a success, because I know I am ready for a half marathon in a few weeks.

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