Friday, February 24, 2012


On the things, you have to do after a crash is to get back on the bike.  I had already planned to take the day off on Thursday to go over to Dallas to ride with my college friend, fraternity brother, and former roommate Bob Jung.  (Who I hope reads and clicks on the ads in this blog) 

Bob rides, not at the level that I do, but has one Hotter N Hell under his belt.  I was allready to ride him in the ground, show off my new bike and the skinnier me.  Of course, my crash on Monday did a wonderful job of humbling me.  

Bob and I did a very nice ride on a beautiful blustery day around White Rock Lake.  It became very clear to me that I banged up my shoulder much more than I thought I did.  It was quite painful to ride and my back got real tense trying to take the load of my shoulder.  I had envisoned a much longer ride. 

Bob and I got in a good visit.  In no means did I ever push the pace.  One of the cool things we did do is stop at the Dallas Bicycle Café that just opened by the lake. 
As a cycling geek, it was really cool and I hope it succeeds.  I am already plotting one of my infamous urban centuries .that will make it a destination. 

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