Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Super Bowl Ride

I was very pleased that the Super Bowl ride was not canceled this year.  I find it extremely ironic that the year the Super Bowl was in Arlington last year, the weather did not allow us to ride.

It was a cold and crisp ride with the wind out of the North West.  The crew from Arlington was a third of the size that it normally is for the ride.   However, most of the hearty souls that did the ride are part of my cycling world.

We head to the Westend of Dallas and meet at Dick’s Last Resort.  It turns into a 64.8 mile ride for me round trip.   The Arlington crew is not as social as the rest of DFW Cyclists and we do not stay and eat; but just take a break and turn around.   I was allowed a very short time to visit with my other cycling friends from around the metroplex.  I was yelled at to stop “politicking” and get on the bike. This caused me to fail in letting Carol know I successfully made it to downtown Dallas.

Although I did get good visits with the Arlington crew, particularly with the tailwind headed south.

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