Thursday, February 23, 2012


One of the problems with riding the bike as much as I do, you will eventually crash.   I have a few falls over the years.  These crashes caused me to end up with broken bones. strained muscles and road rash. Some think foolishly, I still get back on the bike and ride.

This past Presidents Day, I met the concrete again.   I was riding with my cycling buddies Mark Wessels and Dennis Farris.  We were traveling east bound on 3rd Street coming out of downtown Fort Worth, actually in a bike lane. 

The lane was far enough into the road that it allowed for cars to parallel park between the lane and the curb.  I was leading us out of downtown so I was focused on driver sides doors flinging open to block our path.  Because of this,  I missed the expansion joint in the concrete that was running in the middle of the bike lane.  My bike dropped into the joint and I lost control.  I tried to write myself, but it was too late.   I distinctly remember thinking as I was flying through the air, “This better not mess up my cycling season.”

As I tumbled to the ground my right shoulder took the brunt of my fall.  Instantaneously, as I skidded to a halt, the fear of another broken collar bone hits home.  As Mark and Dennis gather my bike and my sunglasses, I laid motionless on the ground out of anxiety that it was going to hurt if I move.

This confused the numerous cars that stopped to check if we needed any help.  As Dennis and Mark asked me I was able to get up, I expressed my concern that I did not want to move.  Dennis, in his normal wit, acknowledge at some point I needed not be in the road.

I sat up, and with the help  of Mark and Dennis stood up.  I discovered that my shoulder, although sore, did not have any sharp pains as if it was broken.  We assessed the damaged on my bike, made sure I could ride and headed to Dennis’ house where Mark would give me a ride home.

It was a painful and unpleasant ride but we made it.  I would like to note to all those that think bike seats are uncomfortable, when I chunk of padding is missing, you notice.

During the ride I debated the whole emergency room visit.  On the ride home in Mark's SUV, Carol, who as come accustomed to these phone calls from me, suggested I make an appointment at our Doctor’s Clinic.   Hanging up from Carol, I made the appointment.

Mark, as all good cycling buddies would do, dropped me off the house volunteered to take my bike to the shop.  Later in the day, Mark texted me that he told the manager to spare no expense.

I received three stitches in my right elbow and the x-rays confirmed that I had no broken bones.

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  1. Thanks for heading to Dallas for a ride. Next time let me know if you are hurt so we can reschedule, there is no need to ride in pain in Feb.

    Your efforts are impressive.