Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eighty's music

I had a very good long weekend. Monday, I spent it riding the bike mowing the yard and cleaning the house. Well, my version of cleaning house anyway.  So while I was getting the house straightened up, I put it on the 80s station on my satellite radio.

Upon reflection, if you ask any of my roommates I had during the eighties,this was probably the first time I ever clean anything with that music in the background.


  1. Claudia and I ALSO clean to 80s music. She's a fan of New Wave.

  2. As a past roommate..... you never cleaned a damn thing with or without music. When you moved you would toss things in the garbage.......does that count as cleaning.

    Still remember playing spades at midnight with You, Paul and Randy(I think) when they first played the whole Joshua Tree album on the radio. Still a great album.