Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weight Loss Update

I have lost over 20 pounds since my Doctor told me I was obese. I have obtained my first goal of my weight loss plan and I now just overweight per the BMI index. Weight Loss has become a game for me with the calorie counting application I am using. I have set my goal to lose two pounds a week with the long term objective of being my ideal weight. (I have not been my ideal weight since I was in college. Even the peak of my cycling in my early 30s I was still over weight)

One advantage I have over the normal person who has received bad news from the doctor is that I had to only make one life style change, which is to eat less. I already exercise quite a bit. With all things considered, I was a very big in shape guy. For example, as I was tracking my calories on the day of the Super Bowl, I realized that if I wanted to eat pizza and drink margaritas I would need to run for an hour to burn them off. I got a nice 6.3 mile run in and enjoyed the heck out of my pizza.

I have always said I ride the bike so I can eat. This can be expanded to I will exercise to eat and drink.

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