Monday, February 21, 2011


I am very blessed to have Brian and Gary McGaw as my mechanics. The own the McGaw Brothers Automotive in Dalworthington Gardens. I have been taking my vehicles to them since 1993. In addition, they very kindly let the Little Troop 5 store their trailers in their yard.

On Friday evening about 5:15 pm, when Zack Wisch and I was hooking the little trailer to the troop bus, I noticed that one of the trailer tires was low. So I swung the trailer up to the McGaw’s bay to have them air them up. As Brian was airing up the tire he asked me how far we were going. I said to Austin.

“No you are not” he replied. “This tire is about to go”

So I dropped the trailer door and rolled out the spare.. “Greg, that one won’t work either, head to Pioneer Tire, they close at 6pm."

I quickly head to Pioneer Tire. I can go into great detail on how they took care of us, inspected the bus tires, and replaced a bus tire and trailer tire all at 5:45PM on a Friday. Little Troop 5 was quickly taken care of by these fine folks.

What was amusing is when the owner told me to back the trailer into the bay. I said, “you got to be kidding?” Zack and I unhooked the trailer and walked into the bay. I knew my “man card” was lost to the crew that was working at Pioneer Tire. The only saving grace was I did not understand the mocking of me in Spanish by the workers. I knew enough to smile and laugh with them.
I blew the bus horn as we drove pass McGaws as a thank you on my way to Key Elementary with the two new tires.  Thanks  to some very nice folks Little Troop 5 made it to Austin safely.

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